Anyone who has ever seen a film adaptation of a video game property knows one thing: they SUCK. I don't know what it is, but Hollywood just can't seem to grasp what makes a video game great. Unnecessary changes and complications are added to make the property more appealing or original; the result is the complete opposite. But, we're gamers. We can still be hopeful, despite all the crap that comes out of our dumb sister industry. What better to fuel our hope than fake movie posters for video game property adaptations? These are fan made and with that comes the tender-loving-care gamers have for the franchises that Hollywood executives don't understand. Here are the top ten coolest fake movie posters.

#10. Pac-Man

        How would Pac-Man be made into a movie? Ain't got a clue. Pretty cool movie poster though. I like how the poster pays homage to the game without revealing the characters. Making them just balls of light doesn't confine the characters to just being circles; they can be actual people going through a situation similar to what Pac Man is going through.

#9. Infamous

        To be quite honest, I have never played this game series, though it would be one of the first ones I'd pick up if it ever came out for the Xbox. There's something epic about a hero with his back to the camera, faceless and battle-hardened. The tagline "Power Transforms," gives a reason for the shame that Cole is feeling in this image, as well as the electric bolts on his arms.

#8. Splinter Cell

        This one may be a reality sooner than we think, with Tom Hardy recently signing up for the role of Sam Fisher. It says something about a character when they can be awesome just by standing there. It also shows the power of the franchise if an image of a character can be the sole promotion for a venture.

#7. Mass Effect

        Taking cues from the Star Trek reboot poster in 2009, this displays several fan favorite characters, which is enough to get people pumped about the movie. It could've gotten away with a few more characters squeezed in there; also, Thane (far right, green guy) didn't show up in the franchise until Mass Effect 2. And where's Saren, the main villain of the first game? Still, pretty decent job.

#6. Slender Man

        You'd have to add on some story, but The Slender Man would make a great horror movie, I think. It goes down to our base instincts: someone is following me. This poster is perfect, because it's already showing loyalty to the game: look back and there's the Slender Man.

#5. BioShock

        BioShock would make a great movie. Recently we've learned that Ken Levine, the genius behind the series, shut down the film adaptation. Probably for the best. This poster is the last remnant we have. The quote at the top is the perfect quotation to promote the movie, as antagonist Andrew Ryan spouts his hatred of bigots and hypocrites. I personally would've utilized a Big Daddy rather than Jack using his plasmid power, but they are both pretty recognizable staples of the game.

#4. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

        I'm a little biased with this poster, as I have a plethora of amazing memories with Oblivion. It was the first game I got when I received an Xbox 360 for Christmas several years back. I'm not sure if it would make a great movie due to its immense size, but I would definitely give it a shot. You know what would not convince me to give it a shot, though? Nicolas Cage in the lead role...

#3. God of War

        As is the case with Infamous, I've never gotten the chance to play God of War, though even I can't deny how awesome this poster looks. If you look at it objectively, it really doesn't show us anything. Oh, cool, this movie will have some mountains, clouds, and a dude with a sword. Then your eyes catch the red markings on the man's back and suddenly, this poster shows much more.

#2. Portal

        Just perfect. GLaDOS and Chell, separated by what could be a blue portal. Natalie Portman as Chell? Yes please. She resembles the character and could probably play it very well. Hopefully, this will be a reality pretty soon as well. Oh and kudos for the portal being the "O" in Portal. Very clever.

#1. The Legend of Zelda

        A lot of effort went into making this poster, at least from what I can tell. The appeal of it is fantastic; gamers want to go see it for obvious reasons and non-gamers would be enthralled by the adventurous theme of the poster. Lord of the Rings fanatics would be all over this movie.

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