RPG’s have without a doubt become the crack cocaine of the gaming world. No matter what massively engrossing environment Bethesda or Bioware throws our way, we just cannot get enough. Satisfaction is not in our biological makeup, and we will always be demanding more to dive into. But, despite this overwhelming urge for another adventure, there tends to be one obstacle that keeps us from getting the full effect from each previous one: creative ADD.
    How many times have we done it? Get a good 10-20 hours of rich Skyrim exploration in and then, out of nowhere, our minds begin to wonder what life would be like as a monstrously jacked Orc instead of a nimbly bow-savvy Dark Elf. And just like that, a new game has begun and we are escaping from Helgen again, this time with the Stormcloak follower instead of the Imperial guard, hacking down opponents with warhammer rather than picking them off from a distance.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I am immensely grateful for the ever-evolving possibilities that games like Skyrim and Mass Effect provide us with. My only dilemma comes when there is so much to do that I get side tracked and never end up completing the main storyline of the game because the next big thing comes out, and these titles fall to the wayside without ever being fully explored. I think both the developers and my fellow gamers alike would agree with me on the following: THIS IS A TRAVESTY!

    Yet, the big question is who is to blame and how do we fix it? The amount of unfinished games among the common gamer is staggering and I can’t help but mourn the loss of so many epic and satisfying conclusions. So where do we alter the process: on the end of the consumer or producer? Should we simply find ways to stay focused on each game we play and stick it out until the end? Or is it going to be more efficient for the developers to give us less food to chew? But the beauty of gaming is that it is up to us to decide, so…. You tell me.


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