Behind every legend is a myriad of great men and women. The Shepard, as he is lovingly referred to in the vague future of the Mass Effect universe, spent the majority of three full games building a team of elite scientists, vagabonds and warriors. Some were friends, others enemies. Some were virtuous, others ruthless. But in the end, this merry band of troublemakers drove back the sentient race of machines that planned to harvest the entire galaxy and ultimately defeated them together. Together. 
        "We have to stand together," Shepard would say, and through his actions he lived these words. He broke down prejudices and destroyed the barriers that separated every member of his team from each other. With Shepard's help, we began to see each member for who they really were and fell even more in love with them. Well, most of them. I'll take you through my own Shepard's map of who these characters were and why I loved them. And, in some cases, what really bugged me about some of them.


#1. Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3)

 - Alliance soldier; served on the Normandy SR1 & SR2
 - Sentinel; biotic & technical experience
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep & FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1) and The Reaper War (ME3)

Why he's loved:
Kaidan definitely had his faults (doesn't everyone?), but he was a man of conviction. Amidst the diverse group of aliens in Shepard's squad, Kaidan was the most down to earth (no pun intended) member of it. He spoke of experiencing every day things, such as headaches, Liara's beauty and an incident where he snapped a sergeant's neck for abusing a girl he liked. Don't worry, he regretted killing the guy. Over the course of the games, gamers saw Kaidan evolve from the whiny lieutenant to the brother and soldier that always tried his best to do the right thing. Also, he was a believable and genuine romantic interest for FemSheps (and some MaleSheps) out there.

#2. Ashley Williams (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Alliance soldier; served on Eden Prime as part of the 2nd Frontier Division and eventually served onboard the Normandy SR1 & SR2
 - Traditional soldier; trained in all armaments & weapons
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1) and The Reaper War (

Why she's loved: Gunnery Chief Williams, like Kaidan Alenko, was there from the very beginning of the trilogy. When Shepard and Alenko saved her from geth troopers, gamers couldn't have guessed how special the soldier standing in front of them was, or how important a role she would play in the commander's life. She was a young woman who felt like she had nothing to lose and everything to prove; her father, General Williams, was the first human to surrender to an alien force when he surrendered to the Turians at Shanxi during the First Contact War. Thus, a shadow was cast over Ashley's entire military career. Being the son a pastor, I know all too well what it's like to face unfair prejudices and it's inspiring to see a character who prevails and ultimately defeats those judgments; she eventually became a Spectre in Mass Effect 3, the equivalent of Shepard. She's also the grandma of all future romantic interests, as she was the first one introduced (being that most gamers are still guys).
What bugs me: She has some pretty pessimistic views about certain things, unfortunately. Despite having certain judgments placed on her, she harbors a few stereotypical views against the aliens who populate Shepard's crew, like being wary about trusting them too easily. Also, she strongly dislikes Liara to begin with, though it's mostly because she's competition. Women...

#3. Tali'Zorah nar Rayya [vas Normandy] (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Quarian engineer; was on pilgrimmage when she joined Shepard on the Normandy SR1. She eventually followed him again onto the SR2.
 - An expert in technological battle & warfare
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1), the downfall of the Collectors (ME2), and The Reaper War (ME3)

Why she's loved:
Tali is one of two unique characters (the other being Garrus Vakarian) who was there with Shepard every step of the way in the trilogy. She was actually one of the first familiar characters Shepard ran into in Mass Effect 2. Though she is young, her people place a lot of responsibility on her. She gets very attached to Shepard, whether she's romanced or not, and that in turn made you care a lot about what happened to her. Despite this, she could also be fierce, as evidenced in her confrontation with Legion over his transmitting classified Quarian data to his people. She also acted as an enlightened figure to her people, as she traveled with and came to care for Legion and was the only quarian who stood against the destruction of the entire geth people. Her brother-and-sister-like relationship with the crew of the original Normandy (i.e. Shepard, Ashley/Kaidan, Liara, Garrus and Wrex) was a great thing to watch, as you got the feeling that you weren't the only one who had been through three games with these guys.

#4. Liara T'Soni (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Asari scientist; discovered by Shepard in a Prothean dig site, following an attack by the Geth
 - Highly intelligent and skilled in biotics 
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep & FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1) and The Reaper War (ME3)
 - Daughter of Matriarch Benezia, a powerful figure in asari society
 - The third known Shadow Broker

Why she's loved:
She's Liara. Enough said. But for those who don't understand, I'll elaborate. She is the heart of the Mass Effect universe. You met her when she was a young and naive scientist, studying the ancient race of Protheans at a dig site. Two years later, she was in a war with the Shadow Broker and had left her education behind, for the most part. Beautiful and dark, Liara ALWAYS had Shepard's back, no matter what choices he made or who he killed. She was respectful toward every crew or squad member, which in turn granted her their respect. It was easy for any Shepard to fall in love with her, due to the intimacy she granted them.

#5. Garrus Vakarian (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Turian vigilante; former C-Sec officer
 - Skilled in weapons & arms, as well as minor knowledge of tech
 - Possible romantic interest for FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1), the downfall of the Collectors (ME2), and The Reaper War (ME3)
 - Also known by alias Archangel

Why he's loved:
Let's say Tali served as the female gamer's constant during the trilogy; that would make Garrus the guy gamer's. Like his counterpart, Garrus was with Shepard through the entire trilogy and trusted the commander with his life. Say these guys were the Avengers: Shepard would be Captain America and Garrus would be Iron Man. Though he never completely understood the commander's motivations or perspective, he eventually realized that he was right. It wasn't manipulation, but rather learning from his teacher. Garrus also served as a sort of avatar of tolerance; he did not see race, nor anything else. He only saw character, strength and really big guns. His evolution over the trilogy was unmatched, going from a lowly police officer on the Citadel to a sort of legend in the turian military. He was the most human of all the aliens in the trilogy.

#6. Urdnot Wrex (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Krogan warrior; was working as a mercenary when he met Shepard
 - Skilled in war, by nature; a level-headed leader of the Krogan people
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the Battle of the Citadel (ME1)
 - First and only krogan, besides Urdnot Grunt after him, to kill a thresher maw during the Rite of Passage
 - De facto leader of the krogan people, leading them against the Reapers during the Reaper War
 - Oversaw and assisted in the curing of the Genophage, the sterility plague that had been unleashed on the krogan by the turians during the Krogan Rebellions

Why he's loved:
Wrex did not let being named Best Sidekick of the Year in 2007 go to his head; he would always do what was right for his people. He was selfless and driven, remaining loyal to his friend Commander Shepard even when he couldn't be there with him. Once he became leader of the krogan, he carved a new path for his people and didn't let the memory of the Genophage affect his decisions; they would be different this time around. Wrex considered Shepard a brother, after all that they had been through together, including putting guns in each other's faces.

#7. Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect: Galaxy, 2 & 3)

 - Former Cerberus officer; an adept leader
 - Highly intelligent and skilled in weapons & arms; also a minor biotic
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Served as Jacob Taylor's informant during the Batarian plot to assassinate Ambassador Jath'Amon (Mass Effect: Galaxy)
 - Head of the Lazarus Project, a Cerberus funded op that was instrumental in the downfall of the Collectors
 - Genetically grown and altered by Henry Lawson, her father; she also had a sister named Oriana, whom she protected from the former

Why she's loved:
Miranda was sort of the Liara of Mass Effect 2. She didn't always agree with Shepard's decisions, but recognized that he was in command. Plus, being head of the Lazarus Project, she felt a sort of motherly protection of Shepard once they began traveling together. She was intelligent and wise beyond her years, though she was not perfect in the least bit. She was not immune to the everyday issues of her humanity; she felt inadequate and not always at her best. It was with the help of Shepard that she finally came to terms with the fact that she was still human, despite being engineered to be "perfect." In the beginning, she saw Shepard as a tool for her own gain: defeating the Collectors and expanding Cerberus' power. Due to his influence, however, she turned her back on everything she had known, left Cerberus and became a vital part of Shepard's war effort against her former employer and the Reapers.

#8. Urdnot Grunt (ME 2 & 3)

 - Krogan super-soldier; tank-bred by Warlord Okeer
 - Skilled in war; bred to be the ideal and perfect krogan specimen
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - The only other krogan besides Urdnot Wrex before him to defeat the thresher maw during his Rite of Passage
 - Controversial, due to his unnatural tank-bred origins
 - Leader of Aralakh Company during The Reaper War
 - Present during the Re-emergence of the Rachni

Why he's loved:
"You should be in awe." Don't worry, Grunt, we are. Following his "birthing" from the tank at the hands of Commander Shepard, Grunt began learning the nature and ways of his people. We were right there alongside him, learning that krogan should hate turians, love violence and war and do some smirky little laugh after killing. Well, ok, that last one was just him. After successfully completing his Rite of Passage, Grunt began his journey towards being a true krogan; he would eventually be chosen to lead a small team against the ancient krogan enemy, Rachni. He loved the challenge and quickly took to command just like his battlemaster before him, Shepard. He was like the little kid in all of us while we were playing the game; loving the fighting and adventure, then finally realizing what he had to do in the end. He held great respect for the commander, even willing to fight and die in honor of his name. We, as Shepard, would've done the same thing. We remain "in awe" of Urdnot Grunt.

#9. Mordin Solus (ME 2 & 3)

 - Salarian scientist; was maintaining a medical clinic and presence on Omega when he met Shepard
 - Highly intelligent; expert in medical and scientific fields, as well as basic knowledge of tech
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Formerly a part of Salarian STG; served under Captain Kirrahe, who assisted Shepard on Virmire during the pursuit of Saren (ME1)
 - Part of the team of scientists who modified the Genophage virus, a sterility plague that effectively ended the Krogan Rebellions, after natural krogan adaptation
 - However, Solus was instrumental in synthesizing and distributing the cure for the plague during The Reaper War
 - An avid singer & theatre performer

Why he's loved:
Mordin was my own personal favorite out of the bunch. It goes without saying that he was intelligent; he was also caring, logical, mad and quirky. His speech was almost always frantic and quick; he couldn't slow down, due to there being "no time." He kept busy, whilst entertaining himself by singing. He saw everything logically, evidenced by his behavior on Omega; he protected the clinic he had by simply shooting down any remote or possible threats. As he put it, "Lots of ways to help people. Sometimes heal patients, sometimes execute dangerous people. Either way helps." He also loved to teach others his knowledge and cared about his students; he asked Shepard to rescue Daniel, his assistant on Omega, as well as being proud of Maelon for standing up for what he believed in.
What bugs me: Why did they replace Michael Beattie, his voice actor in Mass Effect 2, in Mass Effect 3? Not cool...

#10. Jack (ME 2 & 3)

 - Prisoner aboard the vessel Purgatory; escaped, with the help of Shepard, during the downfall of the Collectors
 - Extremely powerful biotic; also prone to extreme violence
 - Possible romantic interest for MaleShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Abducted by Cerberus at an early age and placed in the Teltin facility on Pragia; known as Subject Zero, she was the prime subject in an experiment to enhance biotic potential in humans
 - Subject of drugging, neglect and torture during her childhood at the facility
 - Tattoos are representational of kills, prisons and other major events in her life; however, some are simply to cover up or disguise scars from earlier experimentation and torture
 - Eventually became a teacher of biotics at the Alliance's esteemed Grissom Academy
 - Also known by the alias Jacqueline Nought; it is unknown if this is her given name

Why she's loved:
Jack was a character whom you had to work to love. Or ignore her. I chose the latter in my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2. Then, in one of my other MaleSheps, I decided to romance her, see what that was like. What I found was actually very moving; Jack was a heavily scarred person, more so in her soul than her body. She had that tough false front on at all times, believing everyone had secret motivations for speaking with her. She accused my Shepard of just wanting sex, which caught me a little off guard; that was how she was, though. She said the things that other people tip-toed around, mostly because they needed to be said. Once she let down her guard with me, she was scared, heartbroken and fragile. And if the feelings were too much for you, wait until you got to Mass Effect 3. She became mature, strong and even motherly, after taking a group of students at Grisson Academy under her wing. To me, she was what I wanted to be whenever I was upset; say what's on my mind, and if they didn't like it, smack them with biotics. Problem solved.

#11. Samara (ME 2 & 3)

 - Asari Justicar; part of an ancient monastic order of a strict honor code. She encountered Shepard while pursuing her murdering daughter, Morinth
 - An adept of biotics; a strict honor code drives her actions and even her emotions
 - (Somewhat) possible romantic interest for MaleShep & FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Successfully ended Morinth's string of sexual murders; despite this, she displayed motherly love and regret towards the outcome of Morinth's condition
 - Had three daughters (Falere, Morinth and Rila) who were all three Ardat-Yakshi: asari with a rare genetic condition that enhances their nervous system to the point that it overpowers those that they mate with, causing hemorrhaging in the brain and ending in the mate's death

Why she's loved:
My favorite, aside from Mordin. She was wise, deadly and gorgeous. Her devotion to her code was admirable; it required the discipline and self-restraint that I wish I had. To me, she was almost a more mature alternative to Liara; she was older and had been through a lot more than the scientist. Plus, it was also a challenge to get her to show any emotion, usually preferring the monotone. She could pull it off, though, like nobody's business. She made you want to make all the right decisions, just to justify yourself in her eyes.
What bugs me: No full-fledged romance with her? Talk about dropping the ball...

#12. Morinth (ME 2 & 3)

 - Ardat-Yakshi; asari with a rare genetic condition that allows them to murder bondmates
 - A natural biotic, due in part to her race's affinity for the power and her upbringing by Samara
 - (A short) romantic interest for a MaleShep & FemShep; due to her condition, it would end with Shepard's death. Not a true romantic interest
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2), should Shepard have chosen her instead of Samara
 - Able to mimic her mother's speech patterns and personality exactly; she used this to keep her identity from the rest of the Normandy crew
 - She sought refuge at an Ardat-Yakshi sanctuary with her sisters Falere and Rila during The Reaper War

Why she's loved:
Uh...she isn't, really. She was what you got if you chose her instead of Samara. Other than that, she acted like Samara, mostly.
What bugs me: That she acted like Samara. Come on, give her her own personality. Who cares what the rest of the Normandy crew thinks? Shepard makes the calls, not them.

#13. Jacob Taylor (ME: G, 2 & 3)

 - Former Cerberus operative; before that, an Alliance soldier
 - Skilled in weapons & arms, as well as minor biotic potential
 - Possible romantic interest for FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Stopped a batarian plot and assassination attempt on Ambassador Jath'Amon, with the aid of Miranda Lawson (ME: G)
 - During his tenure with the Alliance, Taylor was present during the Battle of Eden Prime; here, Saren and his geth attacked the human colony in search of a Prothean beacon
 - Also served as an Alliance corsair before departing for Cerberus

Why he's loved:
Jacob was reminiscent of Kaidan Alenko; he always strived to do the right thing and was ruled by his conscience. He was a capable soldier, however, evidenced by his work during the events of Mass Effect: Galaxy. He could also be very practical; after Miranda worried that they couldn't deactivate Legion if he were a hostile, Jacob simply responded, "Bullets can." It was easy to care for Jacob because of his innocent nature; he was almost like the teenager in Shepard's family.
What bugs me: Had a "meh" romance subplot ending. "But, Ben, how would you know about that?" one...

#14. Kasumi Goto (ME 2 & 3)

 - Master thief; appearance and name unknown to most in the galaxy
 - Technical expertise; able to hack and bypass any program or system
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Had partnership with fellow thief and boyfriend Keiji Okuda, whom was killed by weapons dealer Donovan Hock; with the aid of Shepard, Goto would enact revenge on the smuggler prior to the downfall of the Collectors
 - Pursued by salarian Spectre Jondum Bau for years; however, the two have great respect for each other's abilities
 - Aided in the construction of the Crucible during The Reaper War

Why she's loved:
Kasumi! Finally, a light-hearted, hidden-motivation-free squad member. Despite being in dangerous situations time and time again, she never loses her sense of humor. She was in complete control of her emotions, never shedding a tear when speaking of her late boyfriend, Keiji Okuda. She was smart and highly sophisticated, taking pride in her creative ways of thievery. You had to respect her abilities.
What bugs me: No romance with her. Romance in a video game seems to be important to me. Hmm...

#15. Thane Krios (ME 2 & 3)

 - Drell assassin; trained by the hanar from the age of six to be a killer
 - Expert in stealth and silent hits, while also having minor biotic potential
 - Possible romantic interest for FemShep
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Met his future wife, Irikah, when she stepped in the way of his scope during an assassination; later, they had a son named Kolyat, who would attempt to follow in his father's footsteps
 - After Irikah was murdered in revenge for one of his assassinations, Thane left Kolyat in the care of aunts and uncles in order to pursue his wife's killers; he wouldn't return to his son until his journeys with Shepard
 - Thane suffers from Kepral's Syndrome, a disease that destroys the ability of drell lungs to take in oxygen, leading to eventual suffication

Why he's loved:
"The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone." He just described himself in one sentence. Thane was an assassin, but was very religious. Nope, didn't see that coming either. He was confident and reserved, but also harbored shame and regret when thinking of his past. He tried to purge himself of emotion, but was unsuccessful. He was a father who struggled with his responsibility, with balancing his family and work. But you felt that he was TRULY sorrowful about all of this. You couldn't let his actions speak for him; there was something good inside of him. Only Thane could turn a popular saying ("Actions speak louder than words") upside down.

#16. Legion (ME 2 & 3)

 - Geth platform; unique in it's ability to speak and communicate with organics
 - An exceptional example of a geth trooper, with a particular affinity for tech and weapons
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Searched for Shepard for two years, exploring all of the locations that the commander had visited; his time on Eden Prime proved to be important, as he was shot by Alliance soldiers, leaving a hole in his structure
 - Once Legion discovered the Normandy SR1's crash site, he used a piece of the commander's old N7 armor to repair the hole; it is unknown why the calculation-driven synthetic chose to use Shepard's armor
 - A member of what is now known as True Geth, the members of the race who oppose the Reapers, in contrast to the perpetrators of the Battle of Eden Prime and the Citadel, whom are known as Heretics
 - Houses 1, 183 individual geth programs, making it a consciousness within a mobile platform

Why he's loved:
A geth! After playing through the first Mass Effect, all geth looked evil. Heck, to my knowledge, all of them WERE evil. BioWare loves to turn things upside down; this time, they made a "good" geth who spoke and had a piece of my old armor grafted into him for mysterious reasons. Legion represented a milestone in the Mass Effect universe parallel to that of the curing of the Genophage; synthetics could feel and make irrational decisions like organics. I could draw many parallels between Legion and Urdnot Wrex; both of them were the face of their respective races and both only wanted the best for their people, not war.
What bugs me: Why not make a DLC that follows Legion during his pursuit of Shepard? Because there is still a bit of him shrouded in mystery.

#17. Zaeed Massani (ME 2 & 3)

 - Bounty hunter; the galaxy's most feared mercenary soldier
 - Expert in arms and armor
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - Co-founder of the Blue Suns mercenary group with Vido Santiago; he was later betrayed, shot and left to die
 - Joined Shepard exclusively for the fee he was paid by Cerberus
 - Turned down a job offer from Cerberus after negotiations went badly; he then began a personal campaign to hinder Cerberus operations
 - Instrumental in gaining the support of the Volus Bombing Fleet during the Reaper War

Why he's loved:
Zaeed began as simply a gun-for-hire during the downfall of the Collectors, but quickly grew to be an important member of Shepard's crew. Like Jack, he usually chose to stick to himself and I don't blame him. Some of the drama that played out on the Normandy would have suited Zaeed ill, though he wasn't without his own baggage. He was a man fueled by revenge and was willing to sacrifice an entire refinery of people to take out one man. Now, I'm not saying that's right, but it made me feel for the merciless bounty hunter. The desperation that was in his voice as we raced through the refinery made me want revenge on Vido Santiago, too, and I didn't even know the guy. I mostly respect Zaeed because, after seeing him fight through the colony of Horizon and the Collector homeworld, I remembered that, hey, he was in it just for the money. Well worth it.
What bugs me: No romance...JUST KIDDING. I was bothered by the fact that he never really got revenge on Vido Santiago. That subplot, I feel, was forgotten during the writing sessions for Mass Effect 3. Ah, well...I'm sure he's dead.

#18. James Vega (ME 3)

 - Alliance marine; a prospect for the N7 program, of which Shepard was a graduate
 - Arms master, as well as experience in armor
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during The Reaper War (ME3)
 - Became de facto leader of a team of marines after their CO, Captain Toni, was killed while guarding a civilian colony from the Collectors
 - Allowed the colony to die in order to gain intel to defeat Collectors; an action rendered unnecessary thanks to their defeat at the hands of Shepard
 - Assigned to guard Shepard on the way to the commander's trial on Earth, following the events in the Bahak system (Mass Effect 2: Arrival)

Why he's loved:
James Vega was the surprise star of the third installment. Due to the announcement of same-sex romance options for MaleShep and FemShep, many gamers thought he would be the one for MaleShep. Turns out, it wasn't like that all. James was a young, honest marine who loved to joke and check out the ladies; however, he could also be serious, as evidenced by his admission to the N7 program. He served as the eyes for which a newcomer to the franchise would see the universe; he didn't have a clue about the political underbelly of the galaxy and saw everything through a fresh perspective. This, in turn, helped Shepard out when he had gotten too distracted by the Council's BS. Vega also looked up to Shepard, like Garrus had before him. And I looked back down at him, especially if I needed something to chuckle at. His remarks about the game's events were, at times, priceless.

#19. Javik (ME 3)

 - Prothean warrior; the last of the ancient race
 - Skilled in weapons as well as biotics
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during The Reaper War (ME3)
 - Preserved in a stasis pod following the Reaper's conquest of the Protheans; he was awakened on Eden Prime by Shepard and Liara T'Soni towards the beginning of The Reaper War
 - Fought the Reapers with his own race 50,000 years before joining Shepard
 - Able to read physiology, pheromones and other experiences through physical touch; similar to psychometry
 - Firm belief in the "survival of the fittest"

Why he's loved:
Another surprise addition to the cast of Mass Effect 3. A Prothean, that race we'd heard about for two games! We could only assume what they were like; in truth, we were like Liara. We placed these labels on them, like they were the kind forerunners of the galaxy. Then we met Javik. An avatar of Vengeance for his people, his sole purpose was to conquer the galaxy. He knew nothing but war. He had no patience for Liara's curiosity, nor the state of the galaxy. It was something Shepard desperately needed in his crew, however. Javik brought another fresh perspective, but unlike James Vega, he knew the petty politics and simply renounced them. Hated them. He felt the galaxy should be ruled with an iron fist. At times, that's exactly what I wanted to do and having a freaking Prothean backing me up did wonders for my confidence. Plus, he could fight. It was epic to watch him battle Collectors during his time, having spent an entire game battling them myself.
What bugs me: Wish he had some more outfits. "Ben, you're being such a girl." No, a girl would care about romance...oh, wait...

#20. EDI (ME 1, 2 & 3)

 - Artificial Intelligence; began as a Virtual Intelligence on Earth's moon, Luna, before being expanded into an AI by Cerberus
 - Skilled in technological and cyber warfare; she is the intelligence that operates the Normandy SR2
 - Part of Commander Shepard's squad during The Reaper War (ME3), though she was present during the downfall of the Collectors (ME2)
 - First encountered the commander during his trip to Luna; she, as a VI, had gone rogue and become hostile to the people stationed there
 - Repurposed by Cerberus to operate the Normandy SR2; she was later "unshackled" by Jeff "Joker" Moreau, when the ship was attacked and boarded by the Collectors
 - After Shepard recovered an android-like intelligence from the Alliance outpost on Mars, EDI proceeded to take over and install a part of herself within the android's body, thereby allowing her to travel with Shepard and his squad

Why she's loved:
This is someone I would've never thought would be on this list. Mass Effect 3, despite its controversies, had plenty of surprises to offer; EDI's "body-fication" was one of them. She had been pretty cool during the downfall of the Collectors, though she was confined to the Normandy since she was an AI. Then, she invaded a Cerberus android's body during The Reaper War and voila, there she is. Joker definitely liked the new bod, and so did we. Besides all of that, she was still who she was: logical and caring for the Normandy crew. She also seemed more frantic and "human" during The Reaper War, mostly because her unshackling at the hands of Joker left her with the freedom to ask questions and choose her own fate. Plus, the fact that Cerberus invested so much in her and she turned on them with you just felt great. The AI chose you over them.
What bugs me: She donned a Miranda-esque uniform in Mass Effect 3. Know what that means? Tight clothes. Are you trying to push something on us, BioWare? Come on, she's Joker's lady.
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Come on, she's Joker's lady.


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