Shepard, you need a place to unwind.
        Can you say "Understatement?"
        One year ago, Mass Effect 3 was released to critical acclaim (that doesn't mean fan acclaim) and was dubbed by many gaming outlets as the best title in the trilogy. That being said, the game had its fair share of controversy with the unsatisfying ending, which many fans have refused to let go of, despite BioWare mending that wound with the Extended Cut DLC. And they even gave us two DLC packs after that, Leviathan and Omega. The former explored the history of the Reapers in depth, while the latter saw Shepard teaming up with the most badass asari in the galaxy, Aria T'Loak, to retake her space station from a Cerberus occupation. After the ending debate and the lackluster reception of Omega, I feel like BioWare knew that they had to prove that they can still deliver quality Mass Effect material. And with the third and final DLC pack, they have proven just that and more.
        Mass Effect 3: Citadel begins with (as usual) Shepard receiving a message. This one is from Admiral Hackett, who tells the Commander to head to Admiral Anderson's apartment on the Citadel. This introduction seems like its going to take its time in bringing Shepard into the action; don't believe the deception. Not ten minutes into the DLC do you find Shepard engaging unknown mercenaries in a sushi restaurant in the new areas of the Citadel (using Joker as bait, I should add). 
        One thing that strikes me about this final adventure from the very beginning is its humor. I have never laughed at a video game as much as I did with Citadel. Specifically, Joker, James, and Shepard himself/herself were the ones who provided really laugh-out-loud moments in my playthrough. And this was a playthrough where Garrus didn't survive, so I'm sure he would've had some pretty funny moments. 
        On the subject of squadmates, this is another strength of Citadel. Everyone is back, including your Mass Effect 2
squad (assuming, obviously, they survived the Suicide Mission and any other events that put them in danger). The structure of the DLC is Part 1: the Mission/Adventure, Part 2: Party and Reconnection. Part 1 saw Shepard's entire Mass Effect 3 squad (Kaidan/Ashley, Garrus*, Tali*, Liara, EDI, Javik, and James) work to stop a conspiracy against the commander, along with Urdnot Wrex** and a new character: Alliance Lieutenant Brooks. Part 1 does not disappoint; epic fights and humorous dialog keep you wrapped up in the adventure. And for me, the finale provided one of, if not the most heartbreaking moment of the entire trilogy. 
        Flaws of Part 1? I hate to complain about such a satisfying DLC, but I wish my Mass Effect 2 squad would have been present in the adventure. Those guys did not make a single appearance during Part 1 (as long as you don't count Garrus and Tali). Other than that, I applaud Part 1 as one of the best DLCs for the series.
        Now, onto Part 2. If ever there was a definition of fan-service, thats what this was. Part 2 has Shepard planning a party, while simultaneously bonding with individual squadmates. This is also where the Mass Effect 2 cast begin to trickle in. In particular, a scene with Grunt at the beginning of Part 2 was my favorite of what I've seen so far. Also, I must mention Zaeed, as he began to feel less like a mercenary hired for a Suicide Mission and more like a friend, who is part of the Normandy team. Plus, Robin Sachs, the voice of the cold mercenary, passed away on February 1st, so the fact that his dialog was recorded before that makes Zaeed that much more precious as a character.
        The party itself has all the surviving squadmates from the trilogy hanging out and mingling, while becoming increasingly inebriated. Some of the funniest moments of the trilogy, but if I had to choose the ultimate funnyman, Seth Green really took it up a notch with Joker. In particular, my favorite scene has EDI trying to get a hesitant Joker to dance. Who wouldn't want to dance with EDI?
        Despite the advertising, Citadel doesn't offer much in the way of customizing the apartment; although, I barely noticed this, as my attention was so focused on the adventure and fellowship of my squad. It was minor; don't be
expecting a Hearthfire-esque homebuilding project.
        All in all, Mass Effect 3: Citadel was WELL worth the $15. The hilarity and fellowship of the squad was so well crafted. Not only did BioWare prove they can still deliver quality content, they also gave us something that we weren't
expecting, but deep down we really wanted. A chance to truly say goodbye to the people that walked side-by-side with you into hell; against Saren, the Collectors, and now, the Reapers. And now, I really think...
*If they survived the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2.        **If he survived Virmire in Mass Effect 1.

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